Payroll is the number one thing that a small business should outsource to a professional. Because payroll mistakes can be so costly – in terms of both unhappy employees and harsh payroll tax penalties – it just doesn’t make sense to try to do it in-house.

At The Harding Group, we provide comprehensive payroll services, customized with the features you want – including direct deposit, certified payroll, online employee portals, multi-state processing and more. We take full responsibility for preparing and filing the payroll taxes on time, as well as making electronic tax deposits for you. That way you can stay focused on growing your business.

These high tech offerings make your life easier – and give you peace of mind:

  • Secure employer portals for all payroll reporting and taxes
  • Secure employee portals for check stubs, earnings reports and W-2s
  • Employee Web-based time-sheet entry
  • Text message to employees notifying them of their net check amount and when it will hit their account
  • Text message to employer notifying them of the total direct deposit amount deducted from the business account

FEES: Our prices are competitive with most large payroll firms, but our service is more personal – and we stand behind our work. Give us a call and we’ll provide a quote for your payroll processing over the phone.

When we began doing the bookkeeping for Conference & Logistics Consultants, Inc., owner, Paul Henning was using one of the large, impersonal payroll chains to do the payroll. He thought it was working out fine, so he stayed with them. But as we got to know Paul, and began to understand the complexities of his conference planning business, we let him know that his W-2s weren’t right. Year end adjustments for things like mileage, health insurance, and health savings plan contributions were not being made. He didn’t even realize it. The large payroll company had never given any thought to year end adjustments, and even when we provided the adjustments to them, they still didn’t know what to do. Now The Harding Group is doing the payroll, and doing it right, all for the same price he was paying before.