[quickbooks training]

QuickBooks is an industry-standard tool for small businesses. But, if you’ve never worked with it, it can be daunting. At The Harding Group, we are members of the QuickBooks Pro Advisors Program, and we offer a range of services in support of our clients who use QuickBooks. 

+ QuickBooks set-up (CPA rate: $150/hour)

We want to ensure that you’re starting off on the right foot, so one of our experienced CPAs will set up all of the essential areas of QuickBooks with your business in mind. For a new business, this is typically done before we start the QuickBooks training.

+ QuickBooks training ($75/hour + free telephone support)

We offer one-on-one training in a relaxed atmosphere allowing you to set the pace, define the curriculum and learn exactly what you need in order to support your company. We work in one-hour increments – enough time to cover multiple topics without overwhelming you. After training, we provide free telephone support. We’ll walk you through tasks and answer your questions remotely. The more we can help you along the way, the better shape your financial data will be in when tax season comes around. 

+ Monthly bookkeeping (fees based on transaction count)

We offer a range of bookkeeping services in support of our QuickBooks clients, including: bank reconciliations, financial statement preparation, payroll journal entry, credit card reconciliations, deposit entry and more. You can customize the service, so we provide as much or as little assistance as you need. And, of course, we offer unlimited free support to monthly clients.

+ Review of QuickBooks file (CPA rate: $150/hour)

A skilled CPA at The Harding Group will review your QuickBooks data file on a recurring or a one-time basis to ensure data is entered properly and your system adheres to proper accounting practices. We will correct any issues we find and review the steps required to keep you error-free in the future.


When we met Jennifer Culpepper, owner of Peppermill Projects, we were impressed by the creative graphic design solutions her company develops to help clients brand, market and grow their businesses. (So impressed, that we hired Peppermill Projects to redesign our brand, including this website!) Jennifer is a self-proclaimed right-brainer. As with many creative types, she has vision and creativity, but not a strong aptitude for numbers.

We worked with Jennifer to set up her QuickBooks specific to her company’s needs. We trained her on the day-to-day bookkeeping and helped set up a system for her to track Peppermill’s progress. Since her training, Jennifer has gained the confidence to incorporate QuickBooks into her business. And whenever she has questions, she knows we’re just a phone call away.